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Montauk Arts on the Green May 26-28, 2017

I will be out in Montauk for the Montauk Arts on the Green Art Show selling my photography on METAL & CANVAS prints. Here is all the info:

ADDRESS: 742 Montauk Hwy,

Montauk, NY 11954

May 26, 2017 -- 12-6PM

May 27, 2017 -- 10AM-6PM

May 28, 2017 -- 10AM-6PM

This is my 1st Art Show EVER and even though I'm a little nervous as it's all new to me I'm really excited to share my new passion for photography with people! I've been a videographer for over 17 years as well as a musician for over 21 years now, but I've only been doing photography for a little over 2 years now. Here is one of my favorite pics I've taken so far that I will have available for sale on METAL at this Art Show as it's an aerial panoramic of the Montauk Lighthouse:

(This pic was in the 2016 Map & is currently in the 2017 Vacation Guide for Montauk on pg. 34. )

I think the reason I LOVE music, video, and photography is because it's my way of sharing my visions of how I see and hear the world with other people, plus long after I'm dead and gone my music, the videos I've created, and my photography will be around forever! That to me is the coolest part about being an artist as we all want to leave behind a legacy of how we lived our lives and I get to work on that part every day through all 3 mediums. Communication has always been fascinating to me ever since I took my 1st communication class in college! That is exactly what music, video, and photography allows me to do with the audience: COMMUNICATE!

Here are the PICS I will have for sale: 1. Montauk Lighthouse Aerial panoramic (In the 2016 Map & 2017 Vacation Guide for Montauk) 2. Milky Way with Montauk Lighthouse 3. Milky Way in Montauk 4. Port Jefferson Aerial panoramic 5. Smith's Point Sunset 6. Freedom Tower w/ Mall at night 7. LOVE (Light painting) 8. Steel wool light painting 9. Brooklyn Bridge w/ Freedom Tower/Statue of Liberty 10. Freedom Tower w/ rose in Memorial

Here is the FB event I created for the Art Show:

Also, feel free to check out the BEST pics on my Flickr page as well:

Hope to see ya there and pray for good weather too! Have a great day! :)


Steven Archdeacon

On Cue Enterprises, Inc.

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