3 TIPS on MACRO Photography

So I rented a MACRO lens for over a week because I wanted to get up close and personal pics that I couldn't get with my other lenses I have. Here are a few of the pics I was able to capture with the Canon 100mm IS MACRO lens:

Doing MACRO photography is kinda tricky to be honest because when you are so close to the object you are taking a picture of it's really hard to get everything in focus and lit exactly the way you want it to be lit. As you know in photography it's all about how you utilize light.

Here are my TOP 3 TIPS for doing MACRO Photography:

1. Get a MACRO ring light that attaches to the end of your lens. It will improve your pics dramatically. A lot of it is about experimenting with different angles and taking A LOT of pics to see how the individual lens reacts. Click here to go to the Yongnuo YN-14EX MACRO ring lite I bought as it's VERY similar to the Canon brand and is MUCH less expensive.

2. Try using a higher aperture (f/16) instead of a lower aperture (f/2.8) as it's much harder to focus when you are so close to an object + use a faster shutter speed (1/200 and above) as well. Telephoto lenses that are zoomed in all the way with a slower shutter speed (1/80), with a 250mm and above lens, will often come out slightly blurry (when hand held). 

3. Use a tripod with a remote release! The steadier the camera is the better the picture will come out. By using a remote release with a tripod it will eliminate any shake at all from pressing the shutter button on the camera (or you can use the timer feature as well if you don't have a remote release). Click here to see the remote release I've been using for over 4 years.

If you're looking to rent a lens I've rented 3 lenses from www.lensrentals.com and they are AWESOME! I do not make a dime from referrals, but I do always refer people to what I believe is the best.

Hope you have fun experimenting with MACRO photography! If you'd like to leave comments and/or post some of your best pics you've gotten with MACRO photography feel free as I'd love to see some of your pics!

Have fun and enjoy the process!


Steven Archdeacon

“Thoughts lead our mind, actions lead our soul, but our outcome leaves our legacy.”