9/11 Helicopter Ride above Tribute Lights & WTC

I decided to take a helicopter ride above the World Trade Center to take pictures of the Tribute Lights from the air as I've been wanting to get pictures of the Tribute Lights for a couple years. It was it was honestly one of the very BEST views I've EVER seen in my entire life as it's a total different viewpoint than anything I've ever seen. I figured if I'm going to do it I might as well go all out and take a helicopter ride and bring my good camera. It is my way of paying tribute to those people that died on 9/11 because to REMEMBER is to HONOR! It was only my 2nd time I've ever been in a helicopter before (1st time was the Grand Canyon many years ago) and I'm so amazingly glad I got to experience that and capture what I saw with my camera. I even got some shots from the ground, at DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) that came out really good too! I just ordered them on metal and they look great! Here is one of the pics I got from the helicopter:

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Also, here is the :50 video that FLYNYON, the helicopter company, put together from the video testimonial I did after the flight. I honestly think they did a really good job and that is coming from someone who has been doing video work for about 18 years now. Here's the youtube link: 



Steven Archdeacon

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