3 BEST TIPS for Photography!

There are endless tips out there to learn to improve your photography and you can learn so much by just reading books and blog posts just like this one.

Here are my 3 BEST TIPS for improving your Photography:

1. ALWAYS try to shoot whatever you are shooting from different angles because you can always discard images you don't like. Try to see whatever you are shooting from a different perspective. 

2. ALWAYS take different exposures if you have the time because it might look good on the camera's display, but it might be underexposed or overexposed on a big screen.

3. Learn MANUAL MODE, ALWAYS shoot in RAW, and try to get it as close in-camera as your eyes see it. Then slightly adjust in post to your desired outcome.

CLICK HERE to browse the "Nature & Landscape" photos to see the different techniques I have used to get some pretty cool shots, including my "Waterfalls Series." 


Steven Archdeacon